Consistent daily practice promotes the development of stability, inner calmness, and non-reactivity of the mind. In turn, this allows us to face and embrace even the unpleasant or painful aspects of daily life. The stability and non-reactivity we cultivate in formal practice supports our ability to become more compassionate human beings, experiencing the joys of pure non-reactive presence. By developing a simple and pure awareness, we learn to disentangle ourselves from our habitual thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and connect with our experience, with ourselves, and with others in a healthier and deeper way.

As human beings, it seems it is natural for our minds to wander frequently. We are often lost in daydreams about the past or the future, or even thoughts about the present moment. Most of these mental distractions aren’t very useful and quite often produce stress, anxiety, fear, worry, and all sorts of emotional suffering. Regular daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation develops our ability to pay attention to our immediate experience – The Now – helping us to overcome such pre-occupations so that we can clearly see what is happening in our actual lived experience of the present moment. Instead of finding ourselves at the mercy of worry, fear, anger, and the like, we grow in our ability to choose how we want to act in situations, often in ways that might have been out of our reach before.

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