As a Family Nurse Practitioner, mostly in the ER and internal medicine, I  love the clinical aspects of health care and especially helping people “feel better right away” if I can.  I would be happy to help with Urgent Health needs that arise.  My role and experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner (in addition to a contract with a Collaborative MD),  allows me to diagnose, treat and prescribe medicine. While I hope you don’t need me for such things, I’ll be happy to provide for your Urgent Care needs.   While I will not be functioning as a primary care provider, I am  happy to connect you with someone and help you navigate the system.  I will always suggest you contact your Primary Care provider and then follow up with that person.  Of course with any true emergency, please go right to your nearest Emergency Department.  *Working in the ER for so long, much of what I saw and took care of were things that could be taking care of in just such a setting.

EXAMPLES OF POSSIBLE URGENT CARE NEEDS:  *Colds, coughs, sore throats, wound care, minor wound repair, suture removal, ear check, ear wax cleaning, non-emergent symptoms, injuries or problems, including ordering X-rays and some lab tests when necessary.  Also, limited physical exams for things like camp and school physicals.

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