My Reiki Healing practice has been such a beautiful gift for me to sort of combine the Medical and Mystical.  Reiki can be  a very powerful healing tool  to balance the subtle energy that  flows through us.  At the very least it can promote a deep feeling of Relaxation.  It is similar to Healing touch (or “laying on of hands”)  and the power of Reiki can allow for a “rebalancing  and  perhaps a re-booting” of ourselves and our Energy, again, a greater sense of well-being.  A typical session lasts about an hour and is done fully clothed.  Sometimes people my not feel much during a session  (rare) and have a delayed sense of feeling “better”, perhaps have less pain or more at peace.   I believe, as many say, that we are Divine, Energetic Beings having a human experience, Reiki Healing can help us better align and incorporate that experience.

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