I often say “I’m in this business and it can be challenging to negotiate!”  Sometimes we need an advocate that knows health care system.  After practicing in the Chicago area for so many years and being in this industry, I know a lot of the “ins and outs”  and certainly have specialists and people of different disciplines that I would be happy to refer you to.  Also, God forbid, you’re faced with a new diagnose or condition, I’d be happy to help you find Complimentary/integrative care providers, as a compliment or adjunct to your Medical provider.  I have a lists of providers that I trust, including,  specialists, psychologists, social workers, complimentary practitioners,  Spiritual directors and other resources.   Perhaps you have to go in for a test or procedure, I could help ease the anxiety by providing Reiki Healing, Guided Imagery or Breathing work.  I would be happy to consult for you, advocate for you, help you navigate the system, or coordinate Holistic and integrative care.

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