About five years ago, I attended a Mind and Body Medicine training at the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI) at Harvard University and Dr. Herb Benson lead us through a brief Meditation and I thought “THIS is what I want to bring to my patients,  friends and family- those in my care”.  Dr. Benson was the pioneer  medical researcher in the industry to show the physiological and psychological benefits of Meditation and other similar practices, which he coined  “Relaxation Response”.   As a medical professional the actual Science of “Why it works” appealed to me.  Now, we have even greater and constantly growing research, including fMRI studies to actually show the benefits in the brain and body, in addition to health, happiness and a greater sense of well-being-recent studies are showing increased telomeres on the DNA of meditators, showing actual genetic benefits as well!    We know that 60-90% of visits to Health Care providers can be related to STRESS in some way… developing a Meditation practice that works for you will build resilience and  have infinite healing effects mentally and physically.  Most of us, busy, stressed-out people don’t have 30-60 minutes a day to sit in meditation, and we know the benefits of even just 10-20 minutes a day and I have developed a program and CD to help implement a “doable” practice.  I offer individual meditation education by appointment, to help develop a program that works for you.    Additionally, I offer 60-90 minute group workshops on the topic, schedule and location coming soon and I can individualize workshops per request.

Since that initial workshop, I have continued my education and training on Meditation and Mindfulness, including several more trainings at Harvard at BHI.  I also became a “Meditation Specialist” through the Center for Meditation Science  and  participated in  MBSR (see MBSR) teacher training.  I have consistently studied with my teacher and friend Ramaa Krishnan at Full Bloomed Lotus here in Wilmette, which aids my personal practice as well.  I’m a firm believer in “practicing what I preach” and  my own meditation and prayer practice has become a daily ritual that I cherish.  I want to help you feel better too!…and  less stressed, deal with chronic pain feel less anxious etc… and I know this is a way to do it!


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