We all have some level of “intuition”…even more so when your willing and interested in “opening up” to this aspect.  I have always loved and been fascinated by intuition, coincidences, serendipitous occurrences.  Throughout my childhood, I was often accused of being “too sensitive”,  I’ve come to see this sensitivity and empathy as a gift, both in my personal and professional life.

As with many Health Care Providers, we can use intuition as a clinical tool…”trusting our gut”…same thing.  Incorporating the “intuitive” into a visit or to aid in exploring or healing can innately  be part of  Holistic care.  I absolutely love growing and nurturing my intuition and have done so in workshops and trainings and on my own.  Including participating in Caroline Myss’ “Medical Intuition”  and “Medicine & Mysticism” educational workshops, Caroline, an incredible Medical Intuitive, teacher and writer has since become a friend and a sort of mentor.  I’ve also trained at the  Clairvoyant Center of Chicago.  I  meet monthly to train with a  very talented psychic named Mel Doerr and have completed several  online courses with John Holland.  I am a Certified Angel Card reader, which can be a really fun and enlightening way to get guidance to a question or concern.  I also have completed Sonia Choquette’s “Sixth Sensory Practitioner” Program.

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